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Our Services

Custom Cloud Setup

Fueling efficiency through data centralization. Streamline how you collect, store, share, reproduce and search your data.

Your data is your most valuable asset. We prioritize the latest innovations in digital storage technology to ensure our pharmaceutical and biotech clients can securely store and manage their data.

We’ll help you select a cloud-based or hybrid data infrastructure:

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. We work with you to build out a custom cloud infrastructure that serves all your specific needs! Contact us for a free consult to outline your cloud-based or hybrid data infrastructure.

Underdeveloped data management strategies stifle innovation and increase therapy-to-market lead times. We’re helping organizations focus their resources on data-driven innovation. Schedule a complimentary call with our team to learn how we can help store and manage your data safely so you can get back to the bigger picture.


We realize your biological data’s full value to answer your research questions with speed and certainty. 

You need an expert to understand and analyze your biological data, and we’re uniquely qualified to perform your bioinformatics analysis. We’ve built a team of bioinformaticians with experience at the bench whose core specialty is understanding and analyzing biological data. We start with the end in mind, unearthing biological insights and discoveries hidden in the data. 
Here’s how we can help:
  • Advise on experimental design, library preparation, and sequencing platforms to help you generate high-quality sequencing data
  • Pre-process data to ensure validity by removing errors, inconsistencies, and/or outliers
  • Analyze data to answer specific research questions
  • Summarize the most compelling findings to help you determine the best next steps
  • Deliver data in desired format (e.g., tables, visualizations, etc.)
  • Educate the wider R&D team to help them understand how we generated the results, what they mean, and what to do next
Schedule a complimentary call with our team to learn how we can help you understand and analyze biological data. 

Analytical Pipeline Development

In the world of OMICs and molecular pathology, bioinformatics uses computational, mathematical, and statistical tools to collect, organize, and analyze large and complex datasets. Datasets can include NGS data, biological data, patient information, diagnostic data, and metadata. A bioinformatics pipeline is a set of bioinformatics algorithms executed in a predefined sequence to process such data.

Automated Workflows

At Bridge Informatics, we custom-tailor computational and bioinformatic specifications alongside you and your team. Our scientists specialize in helping you to develop the command line interface-based applications that you need to manage and analyze your data so that each workflow is scalable.

Custom Cloud or Local Pipelines

The pipelines we develop are second to none. We can run these pipelines locally on our machines or on your cloud infrastructure (which we can also help setup for you). If you’re new to pipelines, think of them as a set of automated workflows that enable data scientists to compile, build, and deploy their code to the corresponding platforms in a way that is reproducible and reliable. We are happy to (1) implement these pipelines and give you the end results (often in the form of plots) or (2) give you the scripts we have created and take the time to explain how they work so you can run them yourself in the future.

Reach out if you think this type of service can help bring your projects to completion!

Software & Database Engineering

The engineers at Bridge Informatics are full-stack engineers who understand bench science. In fact, some of them have patented their own assays! Our engineering consultants are motivated and excited to outline the ideal roadmap for you, your biology team, or your bioinformatics team.

Bridge Informatics is the expert partner you need to deliver innovative, scalable, and competitive results. We can provide your life science company a fully managed delivery team or an individual expert in software engineering. We specialize in end-to-end delivery of tailor-made technology solutions.

The software application lifecycle comprehensively comprises two key stages, application development and application deployment. Conventional application development and hosting happens on-premise (within the enterprise boundary). However, with the advent of cloud, we leverage AWS, Azure, and GCP for application deployment as well. That said, the application engineering and maintenance activities continue to take place on-premise, that is, not in the cloud.

Custom-tailored Software

So if you’re looking to create a custom-tailored software application for your team of biologists, we can supply the vetted developers who actually understand biology. That’s right, our developers understand the typical problems faced by biologists, that’s part of what makes our consultants so exceptional!

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