Software & Database Engineering

Software & Database Engineering

The engineers at Bridge Informatics are full-stack engineers who understand bench science. In fact, some of them have patented their own assays! Our engineering consultants are motivated and excited to outline the ideal roadmap for you, your biology team, or your bioinformatics team.

Bridge Informatics is the expert partner you need to deliver innovative, scalable, and competitive results. We can provide your life science company a fully managed delivery team or an individual expert in software engineering. We specialize in end-to-end delivery of tailor-made technology solutions.

The software application lifecycle comprehensively comprises two key stages, application development and application deployment. Conventional application development and hosting happens on-premise (within the enterprise boundary). However, with the advent of cloud, we leverage AWS, Azure, and GCP for application deployment as well. That said, the application engineering and maintenance activities continue to take place on-premise, that is, not in the cloud.

Custom-tailored Software

So if you’re looking to create a custom-tailored software application for your team of biologists, we can supply the vetted developers who actually understand biology. That’s right, our developers understand the typical problems faced by biologists, that’s part of what makes our consultants so exceptional!