What is Infrastructure as a Service?

By Dan Ryder
August 23, 2021

The future of medicine lies in data – specifically, big data. Modern biotech and life science companies know this and are turning more and more to data analysis companies (yes, companies like Bridge Informatics) to develop their custom analytical pipelines and bioinformatic tools.


However, before analysis can even happen, these massive quantities of data need a home. This is what infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provides. IaaS encompasses the creation of on-premise or cloud-based data storage and infrastructure custom tailored to a client’s needs.

Bridge Informatics

As a data science company, we understand that your data is your most valuable asset. To that end, Bridge Informatics offers custom cloud setup for data storage, security, and protection. Using a team of software engineers, we can also build a customized data lake, specific to your genomic data and infrastructure needs.

Hybrid Data Infrastructure

A quality cloud or hybrid data infrastructure allows for more efficient data collection, storage, sharing, reproducibility, and overall collaboration. IaaS is an essential service for modern life science companies. If you’re curious, book a free discovery call to discuss how we can create custom tools for your data analysis needs.

Do you already have your data infrastructure established and are looking for pipelines or other analysis tools? Check out last week’s post on Bioinformatics as a Service (BaaS) to see what else our data scientists at Bridge Informatics can do for you.

Dan Ryder, CEO & Managing Director, Bridge Informatics

Dan is the founder of Bridge Informatics, a greater Boston based consulting firm that focuses on bioinformatics and software development. Bridge Informatics builds tools for life science with a concentration on data mining, machine learning, and various bioinformatic techniques to discover biomarkers and companion diagnostics. If you’re interested in reaching out, he can be contacted at dan.ryder@old.bridgeinformatics.com.

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