The Power of Bioinformatics Outsourcing

By Jane Cook
February 27, 2022

Bioinformatics as a Service (BaaS)

Bioinformatics as a Service (BaaS)  involves bioinformaticians, software engineers, and other data scientists, many with years of wet lab experience, working with biologists to create computational tools needed to address a given biological problem.

Examples of BaaS are the analysis of single cell and bulk next generation sequencing (NGS) data, literature-driven data mining, and custom bioinformatics training for clients. BaaS providers vary in how they execute these tasks – at Bridge Informatics, we provide bioinformatics services in three main areas: bioinformatic analysis, analytical pipeline development, and custom software engineering.

Demand for Bioinformatics Service Providers

The size of the bioinformatics service market is projected to grow over 50% by 2026 to a market value of over $5 billion. This demand is largely driven by the increase in big data in the life sciences, from genomics to transcriptomics. Sophisticated sequencing technologies produce massive amounts of data that can’t be housed or analyzed on the outdated, in-house infrastructure many institutions have.

Thus, companies and academic institutions alike need service providers to build custom cloud infrastructure to store their data and pipelines to analyze it. Service providers like Bridge Informatics are uniquely equipped to help with life science analysis as many of our team members have biological expertise and wet-lab experience.

Advantages of Outsourcing

There are many advantages to outsourcing bioinformatics analysis tasks to expert service providers, starting with saving time for bench researchers and in-house data scientists, who are freed up to focus on interpreting the analysis results.

Another major advantage is improved quality and reproducibility of results. The expertise of BaaS service providers can help you pull out the most significant insights from your data and produce high-quality scripts that you can use for better reproducibility.

Our Services

At Bridge Informatics, we have a variety of services to aid your project goals. We provide custom cloud set-up for data storage infrastructure. We also perform big data and bioinformatics analytics, and can build analysis pipelines for reproducible workflows. Last but not least, we also perform custom tailored software and database engineering for life science applications. Speaking of database engineering, see our previous blog on Infrastructure as a Service and keep an eye out for our upcoming blog on Infrastructure as Code for more information on those services.

Our unique approach centers on our computational scientists who actually “speak biology” and will bridge the gap between the dry and wet lab. If you’re interested in how Bridge Informatics can help you achieve your goals, book a free discovery call today.

Jane Cook, Journalist & Content Writer, Bridge Informatics

Jane is a Content Writer at Bridge Informatics, a professional services firm that helps biotech customers implement advanced techniques in management and analysis of genomic data. Bridge Informatics focuses on data mining, machine learning, and various bioinformatic techniques to discover biomarkers and companion diagnostics. If you’re interested in reaching out, please email or


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